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Our Vision

The foundation of our cooperation is trust in others. Our curiosity is our driving force. We thrive on challenges – and whatever we do, we do it with enthusiasm. We are a new generation of consultants.
We are real. We are direkt gruppe.

We Advise

The unique composition of our group and our new generation of consultants make an exciting combination. All we want to do is to offer the best support and expertise we possibly can in a new type of consultancy. We believe there is just one route to success – an authentic, sustainable and positive approach. We started out with that belief in 1998 – and we’ve held on to it ever since.

There's More to Us

We are fascinated by exploring new avenues and doing things differently. We also have a different approach to developing direkt gruppe, which currently offers a unique home for consultancy and support in IT, communications and marketing. We are always on the lookout for exciting new ways to improve the support we offer customers.

We Revitalize

Learning new things inspires us and motivates us from within to be thoroughly pro-active – no need for prompts. We are totally focused on the road ahead, while searching high and low for new ideas and approaches, innovative technologies and tools. Our own sense of identity leads us to constantly explore and make full use of new avenues, develop innovative services and solutions and turn them into tangible, marketable benefits. This also means taking calculated risks to drive innovations.

We Inspire

Every day we invest commitment and passion in our work to find solutions for our customers’ challenges that are just as intelligent as they are pragmatic. Our enthusiasm for our work is catching – both for our staff, who come to us from very different backgrounds but share the same drive and spirit, and for our customers, who can build on this passion.

We Value Trust

Trust is everything. The services we offer thrive on people working together, voicing their ideas and believing in success. This trust is based on reciprocal relationships. Our role is to earn this trust – both within our team and from our customers. Trust and pioneering spirit are two sides of the same coin – it takes trust to pursue extraordinary ideas and concepts and then put them into action. This leads to innovative achievements that reinforce this relationship.


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Kerstin Lausen

Contact Person

Kerstin Lausen
Tel.: +49 40 88155-0
Fax: +49 40 88155-5200