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Concrete examples

No two customers are the same. This makes comprehensive advice and a transparent, well-structured developmental process particularly important in order to achieve high-quality results. Here you will find a few examples of how we have successfully planned and implemented our development and integration projects.

Case study I:
Web portal for specific B2B processes

The German branch of an international Group in the luxury consumption sector wanted to relieve its sales team of the burden of caring for numerous small, non-organized business customers. The plan was to share marketing information on products, to digitize the ordering of goods and to turn contract administration into a customer self-service process. A web portal needed constructing to provide a strategic platform for implementing state-of-the-art marketing, sales and customer loyalty measures.

Based on this vision, solutions direkt conducted intensive workshops with the customer to establish a catalog of basic requirements. Open-source technical solution components were jointly sought, evaluated and trialed in tandem with these. A model architecture was created based on proof of concept and this was used to set up another three portals for the customer in the years that followed.

The aim is to develop a long-term customer relationship. solutions direkt focuses on developmental sustainability as the foundation for continuously expanding solutions. Our consultants and software developers assist the customer with all elements involved in operating the applications and undertaking their further development.

Case study II:
Software solution for social innovation

The customer was looking for a state-of-the-art solution for ideas and innovation management that would combine different perspectives, facilitate the exchange of ideas in larger groups (social interaction – bringing together people with different knowledge and skills) and promote collaborative working.

Ideas and innovation management was meant to become a permanent fixture in the company that could be used for all existing tasks and services as well as new ones.

With these aims in mind, solutions direkt developed a software solution that promotes the development of ideas that are geared to the continuous improvement of business processes and existing products, can be used for new business models and encourage team spirit. solutions direkt supported the project right through to the implementation of the solution.

Case study III:
Information management for the future

The customer wanted to avoid the negative effects of demographic change and the potential loss of knowledge. solutions direkt helped him introduce an end-to-end concept for future-focused information management, from the information architecture and permissions model right through to the guidelines. All the relevant information is now stored on a platform and can be accessed at any time, whatever the nature, author or format.

Case study IV:
Ideas management using an ASP solution

As a consequence of internal restructuring and focusing on core skills, the customer planned to outsource operation of the ideas management software. solutions direkt was able to provide a lasting solution that saved the customer the outlay normally associated with running applications (e.g. personnel, infrastructure and hardware) and improved flexibility while fulfilling all security requirements.

Case study V:
SOA solution for access management

This enterprise customer from the logistics sector was faced with a modernization backlog, compliance requirements and expiring maintenance contracts.

solutions direkt assisted the company by implementing an authentication and authorization system in a service-oriented architecture and assumed responsibility for the system’s maintenance. A single sign-on and SAML log-in were set up as part of the authentication processes. A central role-based system was introduced for authentication and can also be used by applications not on the service-oriented architecture (SOA) via a web services interface.

Case study VI:
ServiceNow app for authorization processes

The customer was already using the ServiceNow cloud platform to manage its IT service processes. It now wanted to use this platform to control the permissions management for the global IT applications operated by a service provider. In addition, employees all over the world should be given the means to use a uniform self-service process for submitting permissions applications electronically and performing the authorization process.

For this extremely stringent-compliance and high-security environment, solutions direkt designed and installed a software architecture for using the cloud platform that fulfilled all the relevant criteria.

Case study VII:
Group-wide intranet and collaboration platform using SharePoint

solutions direkt set up a new SharePoint 2013 platform for a customer in the medical and safety technology sector and subsequently introduced a new intranet and a collaboration platform with extranet access. The process involved migrating various existing SharePoint 2010 applications to SharePoint 2013. The contents of an existing document management system and an existing content management system were also migrated to the new platform.

Case study VIII:
Document management using SharePoint

solutions direkt helped a plastics manufacturer replace a Lotus Notes application for administering required quality documents (process descriptions, work instructions, etc.) by introducing a new application based on SharePoint 2013. This application can be used to create and process documents before they are submitted to a complex approval process. The key features of this solution are the search function for documents and associated documentation, the traceability of changes, the ability to reproduce previous versions, the scope of application and permissions, the translation function and multilingual features.

Case study IX:
Long-term support from our SharePoint experts

The customer in question has sharpened its focus on its core business and is now using IT as an internal service provider to support this. The vertical range of manufacture for IT was reduced as part of this move, and software updates, lifecycle management and applications support were outsourced. In order to ensure the central SharePoint landscape continued to be accessible without interruption and that users benefitted from comprehensive and professional support, the company sought a specialist partner to perform these tasks. solutions direkt is taking over these duties from the company’s IT and providing the entire application service for the SharePoint environment. Besides regular maintenance work, this also involves troubleshooting. solutions direkt assists users with any questions they have about SharePoint. It also plans and implements any adaptations or modifications to the platform that the customer requires.

Case study X:

NEXUSe2e is the ideal solution for data transfer processes to the CIOT (Dutch Ministry of Justice). Its enhanced ebMS (ebXML Messaging Service Specification) interoperability with JUBES to transfer data makes it the perfect application for this use case. NEXUSe2e is able to send messages to the CIOT interface and allows you to make specific changes to the message header and add additional payload information.

Case study XI:

NEXUSe2e is used as the preferred solution of many companies in the agricultural sector. To simplify the information exchange process our partner AgGateway helps these companies to standardize their business documents. Subsequently the ebMS interoperability of NEXUSe2e is used for the transfer of these documents.

solutions direkt AG offers a complete service and support package around NEXUSe2e. Our consulting services include customization and application support, installation and upgrade services, implementation and integration. Furthermore we are happy to develop individual enhancements of the functionality of NEXUSe2e for your specific use cases. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.