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NEXUSe2e – The Open Source Business Messaging Server

NEXUSe2e allows software applications to communicate with each other and share information. These applications may be on the same network (intranet), or separated by departmental, company, or even national boundaries. The direct communication between computers is quick, the transaction is cheap, and the data is accurate.

NEXUSe2e Business Messaging

NEXUSe2e server provides reliable business messaging using standard protocols (e.g. ebXML, SOAP, HTTP, SMTP, SFTP) to integrate business processes that span multiple companies.

Because of its component-based architecture, it can be easily extended to support virtually any other protocol – standardized or proprietary.

NEXUSe2e B2B Integration

The most common use of NEXUSe2e has been to connect two or more trading partners to integrate the supply chain e.g. for exchanging orders and other business documents in electronic form. However, understanding the functionality and flexibility of this product will help you to understand how to fully connect with applications inside and outside of your organization.

Case Study X:

NEXUSe2e is the ideal solution for data transfer processes to the CIOT (Dutch Ministry of Justice). Its enhanced ebMS (ebXML Messaging Service Specification) interoperability with JUBES to transfer data makes it the perfect application for this use case. NEXUSe2e is able to send messages to the CIOT interface and allows you to make specific changes to the message header and add additional payload information.

Case Study XI:

NEXUSe2e is used as the preferred solution of many companies in the agricultural sector. To simplify the information exchange process our partner AgGateway helps these companies to standardize their business documents. Subsequently the ebMS interoperability of NEXUSe2e is used for the transfer of these documents.

solutions direkt AG offers a complete service and support package around NEXUSe2e. Our consulting services include customization and application support, installation and upgrade services, implementation and integration. Furthermore we are happy to develop individual enhancements of the functionality of NEXUSe2e for your specific use cases. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.